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A joint CSSB building will allow research groups to work together under one roof thus maximising opportunities for collaboration. The building will feature four partner-supported core facilities and will be equipped with laboratory areas especially designed for electron cryo-microscopy, including a set of top-notch microscopes, sample preparation techniques and workflows for integrated cryo-imaging. Research areas are conveniently connected to the adjacent PETRA III infrastructures via a “Science Bridge” and a lecture hall is available for training and dissemination activities.

The building is expected to be open for research by the beginning of 2017.

Key Figures

  • Four floors with total area of 10,813 square meters
  • Laboratory space: 3,038 square meters with safety level 2 (S2) and 219 square meters in safety level 3 (S3**)
  • Space for up to 6 cryo-electron microscopes
  • Conference facilities, including a lecture hall for 182 participants
  • "Science bridge" to PETRA III beamlines
  • Ample space for communication and networking

CSSB construction site on 11 August 2016 IMAGE: DESY

CSSB construction site on 16 February 2016 IMAGE: DESY

CSSB construction site on 15 July 2015 IMAGE: DESY

CSSB construction site 03.11.2014

CSSB construction site on 03 November 2014 IMAGE: DESY

CSSB Construction Site 28.08.2014

CSSB construction site on 28 August 2014 IMAGE: DESY

CSSB Außenfassade (Westseite) mit Durchgang zum Haupteingang

Exterior west IMAGE: hammeskrause architekten

CSSB Innenhof mit Blick zum Haupteingang

Inner courtyard IMAGE: hammeskrause architekten

CSSB Hofblick Richtung Westen

View onto courtyard IMAGE: hammeskrause architekten