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CSSB Construction Agreement (“Abkommen über den Bau des CSSB”)
In 2011 the Federal Republic of Germany, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, and the Federal State of Lower Saxony agreed on jointly providing 50 million Euro for the construction of the CSSB (building and initial equipment) on the campus of DESY in Hamburg.

An accession agreement, signed in December 2014, established the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein, with a contribution of 2 million Euros, as CSSB’s fourth official investment partner.

CSSB Cooperation Agreement (“Kooperationsvereinbarung”)

The CSSB cooperation agreement serves as basis for all CSSB activities and was signed by the participating CSSB partners. The cooperation agreement contains the overall objectives and modes of the planned cooperation and outlines the organisational structure.

The CSSB works as a cooperation of the participating research partners without its own legal identity. The CSSB is therefore open to the admission of further research partners.

CSSB Council (“Kuratorium”)

All CSSB partner research organisations are represented with voting rights in the CSSB council. Delegates of the governmental agencies funding CSSB are invited as guests to the council meetings. The CSSB research director reports to the council and participates at the meetings of the CSSB council. The council meets at least once a year.

The main tasks of the CSSB council are: overseeing the CSSB research activities, making decisions where interests, especially those of a financial nature, of CSSB partners are directly involved, approving the CSSB annual budget, appointing the CSSB research director.

The present chair of the CSSB council is Prof. Dr. Dirk Heinz, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig.

CSSB Directorate (“Direktorium”)
The CSSB directorate is composed of the principal investigators appointed by the CSSB partners. The CSSB directorate is chaired by the scientific director. Two deputy directors are elected by the directorate. The directorate generally meets about every six weeks.

The present scientific director is Prof. Dr. Matthias Wilmanns, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg.

The deputy scientific directors are Prof. Dr. Chris Meier, Universität Hamburg and Prof. Dr. Thomas Marlovits, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

CSSB Office (“Geschäftsstelle“)
The CSSB office is in charge of all organizational and administrative matters related to CSSB. The head of the office coordinates all relevant tasks.

The present head of the CSSB office is Dr. Ina Plettner.

CSSB Scientific Advisory Board
The CSSB scientific advisory board advises the CSSB directorate and council on all relevant activities, particularly on its research portfolio and future plans. It meets at least once a year.

The present chair of the CSSB scientific advisory board is Prof. Keith O. Hodgson, Stanford University and Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL).


CSSB Team members at directorate meeting on Oct. 7 - from left to right: Martin Hällberg, Chris Meier, Matthias Wilmanns, Tim Gilberger, Dietmar Manstein, Jörg Labahn, Edgar Weckert, Verena Boerschmann, Christian Löw, Ina Plettner, Kay Gruenewald, Thomas Marlovits. (Photo: Lars Berg)