Life Science Slam

Image: Melissa Prass

CSSB Life Science Slam

As part of the DESY Open Day, the CSSB will be hosting a Life Science Slam:
When: 4 November 2017 at 20:00
Where: CSSB Lecture Hall, Building 15

What is a Science Slam?
Young scientists have 10 minutes to present their research to the audience in an understandable and entertaining manner. Creativity is key! Slammers can present their research in whatever format they choose; live experiements, power point presentations, a funny song or even a dance. And the winner? That is of course for the audience to decide.

Slammers Needed!

Interested in sharing your research in an exciting and innovative way with a non-expert audience?

We are looking for individuals who can slam about: Infection Biology, Structural Biology, Systems Biology, Cell Biology or any other CSSB related topics.
All slammers have ten minutes to present their own research and results. A screen and laptop for power point presentations will be available. First time slammers are welcome.

Travel expenses (train or public transport) will be covered by CSSB.

For more information:
Please contact Melissa Prass at (