CSSB Hamburg





New Developments: High-throughput Crystallization and Molecular Biophysics Facility

EMBL Hamburg, 48e

6 April 2018

On Friday April 6, Maria Garcia Alai will introduce the new concept of the High-throughput Crystallization and Molecular Biophysics core facilities. She will explain thier modes of access and give an introduction to the equipment. The seminar will take place in EMBL Hamburg building 48e and will begin at 13:00.

Membrane Protein Expression, Purification and Characterization (mPEPC1)

EMBL Hamburg, CSSB

10-18 September 2018

This EMBO Practical Course aims to teach participants in the latest developments in membrane protein production, characterization and structure determination. Modern protein expression techniques using various hosts will be presented and students will get acquainted with new crystallization and reconstitution techniques.

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