The high-throughput crystallisation (HTX) facility is a technology platform run by EMBL Hamburg. It is a unique crystallization facility, because it provides a complete pipeline from protein sample to X-ray data set. Crystallization experiments can be booked online through the web-based CRIMS system. CRIMS also provides an interface to check the experiments from your own desktop, using an extensive light and UV-Vis imaging. In the near future, a novel automatic crystal harvesting system will become available for the users. This harvester will allow crystal fishing in an automated and highly reproducible manner.

The facility offers more than 30 crystallization screens from Qiagen, Jena Biosciences, Molecular Dimensions and Jena Biosciences. Quality control on the samples can be done on demand by DLS and thermal shift assay. Sample optimization protocols are provided to find the best combination of buffer, salt and additives to stabilize the protein. These screens have been commercialized by Molecular Dimensions as RUBIC Screens.

The user community of the HTX facility consists of internal CSSB and EMBL users, as well as users from the Hamburg research community and European users that can obtain sponsored access through the iNEXT grant.