The CSSB protein characterisation (PC) facility is an extension of an existing EMBL Hamburg core facility. The PC facility provides a well-maintained infrastructure for the characterisation of protein preparations and for the study of a protein’s interaction with partner proteins or ligands.

The PC facility hosts a range of equipment for the analysis of the biophysical properties of molecules as well as protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions. Spectroscopic techniques include UV-visible, fluorescence and circular dichroism in static and rapid-reaction formats, surface plasmon resonance (SPR), titration calorimetry (ITC) and microscale thermophoresis (MST) for study of interactions and light scattering (SEC-MALLS) for molecular size and shape. A multipurpose plate reader system for 96-well plate assays is available along with a number of systems to monitor the stability of proteins in a wide range of conditions (thermofluor, nanoDSF).

PC facility-staff advise users regarding techniques and equipment use. The facilities are available to internal and external users and both academic and commercial organisations are welcome to enquire.