The Protein Production (PP) facility at CSSB provides resources for the cloning, expression and purification of many different proteins as well as expert advice regarding which approach is the most adequate in answering each user's specific research question. The facility will support users with either independent performance of experiments after provision of initial introduction and in depth initial training or gene expression service for both bacterial and eukaryotic cell culture. Expert advice and guidance on processing of the data will also be provided.

The PP facility is operated in close collaboration with the facility for recombinant protein expression at HZI in Braunschweig. The PP@CSSB supports users in small to mid-scale expression experiments in bacterial (E. coli) and eukaryotic (HEK, CHO, HeLa, insect) cells. The HZI facility supports mid- to large-scale heterologous expression in bacterial and eukaryotic hosts. PP@CSSB will also support users in establishing the appropriate expression conditions for mid to large scale expression in the HZI facility. The close collaboration between the two protein production facilities will benefit users involved in challenging expression projects by saving them both time and resources.