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Listed below are the open positions within CSSB Research Groups. Please note that all employment opportunities must be applied for via CSSB partner institutions. CSSB is a cooperation without its own legal identity. All partners act exclusively in their own name and on their own account.

Research Technician


We are looking for a Research Technician to join the group of Jan Kosinski at EMBL Hamburg located at the recently established Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) on the DESY campus in Hamburg. You will support the experimental research of the laboratory, which involves studies on interactions of influenza virus proteins with the host, in vivo (in mammalian cell cultures) and in vitro. The in vivo studies involve discovery of new host factors and cellular pathways important for infection, and characterization of protein-protein interactions using mass spectrometry, crosslinking, and other techniques. The in vitro studies include biophysical and structural characterization of purified proteins to confirm host-pathogen interactions. The post may involve work at Biosafety Level 2.

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PhD position


The research group of Prof. Dr. Michael Kolbe at the Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) in Hamburg (Germany) is offering a PhD position: Understanding Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenicity using structural biology tools. The candidate will investigate the structural determinants of novel pathogenicity factors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa using X-ray technologies, electron microscopy and microbial multi-omics data. The project will involve establishment of new research protocols, identification of novel virulence factors, resolution of 3D protein structures and large-scale data processing. The position is oriented towards talented students with background in biophysics and/or molecular microbiology, who are willing to work in the wet lab handling infectious agents. This work is a collaborative project between the groups of Prof. M. Kolbe from the Helmholtz Centre for Structural Infection (HZI) and Prof. J. Labahn from J├╝lich Research Center (FZJ) under the umbrella of the CSSB in Hamburg.

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Technical Assistant


For the Protein Production Core Facility at CSSB we are looking for a Technical Assistant. Responsibilities include: organization of the laboratory; indepentent completion of molecular biological work including PCR, RNA and DNA isoliations, coloning, mutagenesis and SDS PAGE and western blots; documentation and database management; developing a draft of the lab's Standard Operating Proceedures; laboratory managment; support of facility guests and users ...

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