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Hannover Medical School (MHH)


Over the last 50 years MHH (Hannover Medical School) has become one of Germany‘s leading universities in regard to research, patient care, and teaching. Operating as the only independent, state-supported Medical School in Germany and equipped with its own section for basic sciences, the efficient translation of basic science results to the clinic has been woven into the fabric of MHH since its founding. As a result, researchers working at MHH have an outstanding record in attracting external funding.

An unrivaled atmosphere of interdisciplinary exploration and collaboration has produced key innovations and advances in particular in our three focus areas of research: Transplantation & Stem Cell Research, Infection & Immunology, and Biomedical Techniques & Implants. MHH is involved in two national centers for health research: the German Center for Research into Infectious Diseases (DZIF) and German Center for Lung Research (DZL). In regard to participation in National Clusters of Excellence, MHH is the coordinating institution for the cluster “REBIRTH” and a member of the cluster “Hearing4all”. “REBIRTH” translates research in regenerative sciences and molecular medicine to advanced new therapies. “Hearing4all” develops improved hearing devices, auditory implants and ubiquitous assistive technologies. To resolve current limitations of transplant-medicine, the Integrated Research and Treatment Centre Transplantation (IFB-Tx) integrates teams from basic and clinical departments into effective units to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Excellence in teaching is a hallmark of the courses offered in medicine, dental medicine, biochemistry, biomedicine at MHH and the PhD programs offered by the graduate school of MHH “Hannover Biomedical Research School”. MHH is recognized for its excellence in patient care. It has Germany’s largest center for organ transplantations. State-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and therapies support the clinical centers that specialize in the treatment of sever and life-threatening diseases.

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