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CSSB CryoEM Course 2021 

Basic Principles and Practical Aspects of CryoEM (UHH Module 62-485.1,62-485.2)

The Multi-User cryoEM facility is holding their second cryoEM workshop this year between August 30 - Sep 10, 2021. The workshop targets M.Sc students in Life Sciences as well as beginners in the cryo-EM field and provides an overview of the different modalities of electron cryo-microscopy from single particle analysis (SPA) to tomography (ET). Participants will gain knowledge of microscope hardware, sample preparation techniques, image formation, and various modes of scope operation. An integral part of the course are (live) demonstrations on the microscopes and a hands-on introduction to image processing for SPA utilizing cryoSPARC. After successful completion of this course, participants will be able to explain the cryoEM modalities SPA and tomography and evaluate a standard SPA data set from micrographs to a 3D model.

Organizers: Kay Grünewald and the Multi-User CryoEM facility Team (Carolin Seuring, Wolfgang Lugmayr, Ulrike Laugks, Cornelia Cazey).

Special guests are: Jan Kosinski, Maya Topf and Rainer Kaufmann

We thank our EM-users for supporting the course: Anna Munke (Chapman Lab), Anna Theresa Cavasin (Kolbe Lab), Grzegorz Chojnowski (Wilmanns Lab), Benjamin Vollmer (Grünewald Lab), Caillan Crowe-McAuliffe (Wilson Lab), Christoph Hagen (Grünewald Lab), Daven Vasishtan (Grünewald Lab), Emil Gustavsson (Hällberg Lab), Josie Ferreira (Grünewald Lab), Linda Franken (Grünewald Lab), Lindsay Baker (Grünewald Lab), Tim Benecke (Grünewald Lab), Vojta Prazak (Grünewald Lab), Grzegorz Chojnowski (EMBL), Tristan Croll (MRC)

Register for cryoEM course 2021 (https://lists.cssb-hamburg.de/sympa/info/cryoemcourse2021)

CryoEM course 2021 (PDF, 132KB)