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Atomic Force Microscopy: Imaging and Force Spectroscopy

CSSB Lecture Hall

9 August 2018

On Thursday, August 9 at 13:30 Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutsmann, Research Center Borstel, will give a talk entitled "Atomic Force Microscopy: Imaging and Force Spectroscopy." In August (20-24.08.2018) a cutting edge Atomic Force Microscope from Oxford Instruments, Asylum Research will be available for experiments at the CSSB. Thomas Gutsmann will introduce the technique and possibilities. After the talk specific questions about sample preparation can be discussed.

Talk Announcement

Membrane Protein Expression, Purification and Characterization (mPEPC1)

EMBL Hamburg, CSSB

10-18 September 2018

This EMBO Practical Course aims to teach participants in the latest developments in membrane protein production, characterization and structure determination. Modern protein expression techniques using various hosts will be presented and students will get acquainted with new crystallization and reconstitution techniques.

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