CSSB Centre for Structural Systems Biology
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Mission Statement

We use cutting edge technologies and methods to investigate how pathogens infect humans.

Research Focus

Together, we research the structure and function of pathogens in order to understand their interaction with the human body. This research facilitates the development of novel methods for combatting infectious diseases.



We use a collaborative, multidisciplinary and integrative approach to our work in an effort to answer relevant scientific questions.


We use the best research facilities and infrastructures available to investigate the molecular mechanisms associated with infection. For this, we develop new tools and techniques.


We engage in an active dialogue with the scientific community, society, and industry about our research, which serves a civilian and peaceful purpose.


We empower the next generation of scientists to work boldly and collaboratively to tackle the complex problems of tomorrow.


We establish respectful working relationships that are founded upon mutual appreciation and regard for intellectual property. We encourage an open exchange of ideas.


We create a setting in which every colleague can give their best, irrespective of nationality, age, ethnicity, sexuality and gender. Diversity enhances creativity, drives innovation, provides new perspectives and enriches our working environment.