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News New Protocol for Screening Membrane Protein Stability

News A tRNA Modifier at Work

News Tracking Down Pathogens

Press Release Focus on Pathogen-Induced Compartments

News Cryo-SOFI; a New Super-Resolution cryo-FM Concept

News First Structure of Peptide Transporter in Complex with Pro-drug Revealed

News Success Securing National Instrumentation Funding

News Protein Assemblies Ejected from Native Membranes

News The Helmholtz Training Course on Integrative Structural Biology

News Scaffolding Protein’s L-Shaped Conformation Revealed

News Catalysing Collaboration

News Scientists Alter Membrane Proteins to Make Them Easier to Study

News Löw Awarded Röntgen-Ångström Cluster Grant

News Hällberg and Grünewald Awarded a One Million Euro Grant

News Prof. Chris Meier Receives the Antonín Holý Memorial Award

News Understanding Transporters: A Path to Improving Drug Transport Efficiency

News Focus on the Structure of Infectious Pathogens

News New Frontiers in Infection Biology Research

News Prof. Chris Meier Appointed New Scientific Director of CSSB

News An Unexpected New Role for a Protein Complex in the Cell’s Power Plant

News The Importance of Cryo-Electron Microscopy - An Interview with Prof. Kay Grünewald

News Sharpest Image of Alzheimer’s Fibrils Shows Previously Unknown Details

Press Release Deadly Electrical Accident in the CSSB Building

Press Release Infection Research at the Highest Level

News Researchers Develop a ‘Molecular Needle’ Using a Simplified Biological System

News 15.6 Million Euros Granted for High-Tech Microscopes

News Structure of a Key System for TB Bacteria Revealed

News Great Expectations

News Antibiotics - Blunt Weapons?

News Prof. Chris Meier Becomes Zhiqiang Visiting Professor

Press Release Antibiotics – Blunt Weapons?

News The Benefit of Longer Peptide Substrates

News Our Building: An Interview with CSSB Construction Manager Verena Börschmann

Press Release CSSB Research Hotel has a new Member

News Research Center Borstel Joins the CSSB Partnership

News Capturing a New Conformation

News Insight into Vesicle Formation at the Inner Nuclear Membrane

News New Research Projects

News Introducing the Slammers

News Even Mitochondrial RNA must “Grow Up”

News Combatting Infection Together

Press Release CSSB Celebrates the Topping Out of its New Research Building

Press Release Pathogens under the Super Microscope

News Control Mechanism of Vesicle Constriction Understood

News A Better Understanding of Mitochondrial RNA Processing

News Meet the Students who Attended the CSSB Spring School

News Exploring Systems in Infection Biology

Press Release A New Way in Infection Research

News Achieving Atomic Accuracy

News New CSSB professorship

Press Release Better Together

News Interview with Patrick Cramer

News CSSB Welcomes Schleswig-Holstein as an Additional Partner State