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Introducing the Slammers

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As part of DESY DAY, CSSB will be hosting a Biology Science Slam.

Where: FLASH Lecture Hall, Building 28c
When: 7 November at 20:00

Three young scientists will each have ten minutes to present their research to the audience in an understandable and entertaining manner. Creativity is key! The slammers may present their research in whatever format they choose; live experiments, power point presentations, a funny song or even a dance. The audience will not only have the opportunity to hear three interesting slams but will also be able to vote for the winner.

The three Slammers taking part in the CSSB Biology Science Slam are ...

Yonca Ural Blimke

Slam Title:
What is Structural Biology? /And why do we do it!

About me:
I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. After attending the German high school in Istanbul, I went to Tübingen to study biochemistry. My Diplom thesis at the Max Planck Institute was on plant genetics/evolution/immune system. Although I liked the topic and working with plants, I decided that structural biology was more fun. Last May, I started with my PhD project in structural biology/crystallography of membrane proteins in EMBL Hamburg. In my free time I enjoy dancing, travelling and reading (mostly science fiction and fantasy).

Max Rose

Slam Title:
Coherent Lens-Less X-ray Microscopy on Cells

About me:
I work at DESY with a coherent X-ray microscopecalled HORST to investigate biological cells on the nano-scale (100 to 1000 atoms). The significant difference to conventional l microscopy is that my microscope does not need a lens to form an image. The motivation for this work came to me in 2009 during my optical engineering master course with the focus on digital pinhole cameras without lenses. I want to obtain my doctoral degree from the Universität Hamburg, presumably in the end of 2016. Besides research, which mainly takes place in front of computer displays, I play the famous Hamburger sport of hockey. In addition I use my free time for lens and lens-less photography.


Udaya K Tiruttani S

Slam Title:
The mighty mouse

About me:
I came to Germany for my Doctoral studies in structural biology. During my doctoral thesis in Forschungszentrum Juelich, I worked on an anticancer protein 'Par-4' and then started working on membrane proteins related to health. My aim is to do what I can as I can't do the other way.