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Antibiotics – Blunt Weapons?

| Press Release

More than 10 million people lose their lives each year due to infection. Pathogens rapid development of resistance against antibiotics further limits therapy possibilities. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 25,000 people die each year in the European Union as a result of antibiotic resistance. Can we stop the advance of antibiotic resistance? Are there new ideas for the treatment of infectious diseases? What is scientific research contributing? At the invitation of CSSB and Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg, renowned experts will discuss these questions and many others during a panel discussion on the 8 November 2016 at 19:00. The panel discussion will take place at the Lichthof der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg.

Panel Members:

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Petra Dersch
Dr. Werner Lanthaler
Prof. Dr. med. Ansgar W. Lohse
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Marlovits

The panel discussion will be moderated by scientific journalist Angela Grosse.

Experts warn of a “post-antibiotic” era in which antibiotics are ineffective and even simple microbial infections could once again become life threatening. Over treatment with antibiotics and hygiene shortcomings as well as the widespread use of antibiotics in animal farming have resulted in the spread of antibiotic resistance. Economic and regulatory bottlenecks in drug development also inhibit the development of novel approaches in the combat against infections.

Under the roof of the Centre for Structural Systems Biology scientists from ten partner institutions are working together to discover the underlying mechanisms of infections thus aiding the development of new forms of prevention and therapy. To accomplish this, CSSB scientists use the most modern structural and molecular biology methods and imaging techniques.

After the panel discussion attendees will have the opportunity to converse with the experts.

Event Information:
Antibiotics – Blunt Weapons?
Tuesday, 8. November 2016
19.00–21.00 Uhr
Lichthof im Altbau der Staats-und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg
Edmund-Siemers-Allee / Ecke Grindelallee, 20146 Hamburg

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