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Research Center Borstel Joins the CSSB Partnership

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The Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB), located on the DESY grounds of the Hamburg Bahrenfeld campus, will sign a contract for associated partnership with the Research Center Borstel (FZB), Leibniz Centre for Medicine and Biosciences.

“FZB is well known not only for its elucidation of biochemical structures such as the causes of sepsis but also for its microbiological and medical expertise in tuberculosis research. We would now like to use the unique technical possibilities which exist at CSSB to help resolve some of FZB’s biomedical questions. We are happy that the state of Schleswig-Holstein invested in the CSSB building thus enabling us to become a part of the CSSB partnership and fight infections together,” explains Prof. Stefan Ehlers, Director of FZB.

At CSSB, scientists from ten different research institutions work together to examine the complex interactions between pathogens and their human hosts and aim to discover new targets for antiviral agents and vaccines. The unique light sources on the DESY campus provide the scientists with optimal conditions for conducting structural biology research. With “super microscopes” such as PETRA III and the future European XFEL, scientists can examine biological samples in different ways. CSSB builds a bridge between fundamental research and important areas in life sciences such as infection biology and immunology research.

"FZB is renowned for scientific excellence in infection biology research and we are excited to welcome them to Hamburg and CSSB. I am certain that this partnership will provide many opportunities for new and successful scientific collaborations,” states Prof. Matthias Wilmanns, Scientific Director of CSSB.

FZB has become the lung research centre of the Leibniz Association. The centre fulfils its scientific and sociopolitical mission through disease oriented research, training and promotion of young scientists as well as offing public services in the field of Pneumologie. Alongside its scientific laboratories the “Research Center Borstel” trust operates a medical clinic with an affiliated medical care center as well as the National Reference Center (NRC) for Mycobacteria.