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Prof. Chris Meier Receives the Antonín Holý Memorial Award

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Prof. Dr. Chris Meier from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Hamburg will be appreciated with this year's "Antonín Holý Memorial Award". The International Society for Antiviral Research (ISAR) honors so his long-standing and groundbreaking works in the field of medical chemistry and antiviral research.

The Antonín Holý Memorial Award has been awarded annually since 2014 and is named after the successful Czech chemist Antonín Holý, who was substantially involved in the development of medicines for the treatment of hepatitis B and AIDS. The prize dedicated to him will be awarded only to high-ranking scientists of international stature who have made innovative contributions to antivirus research and have been substantially involved in the discovery or development of antiviral drugs.

Prof. Dr. Chris Meier is very successful in researching new drugs against AIDS, hepatitis C and influenza. He receives the prize for his many years of consistently outstanding work in the field of medicinal chemistry and for the development of special prodrugs, which could be called chemical Trojan horses, and which can infiltrate antiviral agents into viruses.

The award will be presented in June 2018 at the annual international conference of the International Society for Antivirus Research in Porto, Portugal.