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CSSB welcomes Jens Bosse

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On 30th April 2020, Jens Bosse was appointed with a junior professorship for Quantitative and Molecular Virology by Hannover Medical School MHH. He will be the first research group from MHH to join CSSB. His professorship is financed by the Cluster of Excellence RESIST which seeks to help individuals with weakened immune systems combat infection.

Professor Bosse's group is part of the Institute of Virology at MHH and is associated with and supported by the Heinrich Pette Institute, Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology (HPI). His research focuses on analyzing how the assembly of individual virus particles in infected cells is coordinated in time and space and on understanding which viral and cellular factors play a role in this process. He is particularly interested in herpes viruses. For his research, the 38-year-old and his team use and develop highly sensitive live cell microscopy systems. He has been cooperating with CSSB and RESIST scientists for several years.

Jens Bosse studied molecular and applied Biotechnology in Aachen and received his PhD at the Max von Pettenkofer-Institute for Hygiene and Medical Microbiology of the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München in 2011. He subsequently was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA. Since 2016, he has been head of the "Quantitative Virology" group in the Dept. for Structural Cell Biology of Viruses which is located at the HPI in Hamburg.

Jens Bosse is looking forward to moving his group into the CSSB building. "At CSSB, my team and I are able to combine the latest structural biology results with data on the dynamics of virus replication in living cells,” explains Bosse “this enables us to identify weak points in the viral life cycle which could then be used as a basis for new antiviral agents."