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An Interview with Nishika Sabharwal

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Nishika Sabharwal is a PhD student in the Labahn group. She took the time to answer some questions about her research and inspirations

What do you do? Please explain your current role.
I am currently pursuing a PhD in structural biochemistry, with the focus to overcome bacterial drug resistance. I have undertaken research in a specific niche of my interest, which involves planning experiments, and mentoring master students in the process as well.

Why did you choose this field?
Structural biology lies at the core of all biochemical processes being undertaken by the cell. Therefore, I chose to pursue a career in research where I would not only investigate protein structures but also encounter their biology at a microscopic level, where my interest lies.

What do you find most exciting about your work?
Results! Getting results of course! But the whole process towards reaching the end goal involves troubleshooting, proper planning and scientific discussions. All of these converging to an exciting and enriching experience.

What is your proudest moment/accomplishment?
An important part of my research involves mentoring master’s students. Seeing their growth and accomplishments makes for a proud moments and the icing on the cake is, knowing that they have been placed at really good research institutes.

Advice for the next generation?
Don't fret, don't be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. That's what makes us less flawed, as we grow older.

Who are your role models or mentors?
I don’t have one mentor to name as such; I try to grasp all good things I can from the people I meet academically and personally. I have a big list of researchers in my field from whom I have learnt so much and wish for the same in future too.

Inspirational quote or personal motto:
Well, there are so many inspirational quotes out there, but one quote that is close to my heart is “ What you seek is seeking you.” And personally also I believe, that great things take time, so never give up.

When you have free time, what are your hobbies?
I love to try out new cuisines (I mean eating and not cooking). My friends and I are fond of trying new restaurants and traveling to new places whenever we get some free time. And... I love to sleep! Who doesn't!