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Grünewald Group

Structural Cell Biology of Viruses

Prof. Dr. Kay Grünewald

Group Leader, Facility Director (ALFM and Cryo-EM)

+49 40 8998 87700

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Heinrich Pette Institute, Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology

Universität Hamburg

We have pioneered the application of cryoET to isolated pleomorphic viruses revealing their three-dimensional supramolecular organization. Examples are virus particle structures for Herpes simplex virus, HIV-1 and Bunyaviruses. We next concentrated on the cell biology of virus infection. Understanding the entirety of a virus’ ‘life cycle’ requires an understanding of its transient structures at the molecular level.

Research Projects

Previous and Current Research

Cells constitute the smallest autonomous units of life. Supramolecular complexes carry out essentially all functions and processes and form the cells structural elements. The tightly regulated structural and functional organization of a cell at this level is currently only rudimentary understood. A comprehensive analysis of this organization and its dynamic changes requires tools that allow for studying these complexes in their native environment. We apply electron cryo tomography (cryoET) in combination with other techniques to approach selected aspects of this highly ordered network analysing protein complexes in situ. Sample preparation by fast vitrification, i.e. embedding in amorphous ice, ensures excellent preservation of structure down to the atomic level.

We have pioneered the application of cryoET to isolated pleomorphic viruses revealing their three-dimensional supramolecular organization. Examples are virus particle structures for Herpes simplex virus, HIV-1 and Bunyaviruses. We next concentrated on the cell biology of virus infection. Understanding the entirety of a virus’ ‘life cycle’ requires an understanding of its transient structures at the molecular level. The aim is a comprehensive picture of the functional interaction between viral protein complexes and cellular structures in the course of the infection. Viruses also serve as dedicated tools to mine the molecular detail of cellular tomograms. Being able to enter cells via physiological pathways and being recognizable among the multitude of other structural features inside the host's cytoplasm, viruses allow for following dynamic cellular processes.

Electron cryo microscopy provides an excellent platform for interfacing with other approaches, like biochemical and X-ray crystallographic studies, and the integration of those inputs with native sub-cellular structural information. Driven by our biological questions we are involved in various efforts of methods development including the combination of cellular and molecular cryoET with ‘single particle’ approaches, advanced fluorescence (cryo) microscopy and soft X-ray cryo microscopy/tomography in a correlative fashion, but also in integrating better with protein-protein-interaction data (e.g. from mass spectrometry) and molecular dynamics simulations.

Research Team


Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Kay Grünewald
Phone:+49 40 8998 87700


Project Management

Dr. Frederike Ahr
Phone:+49 40 8998 87703


Senior Scientist

Dr. Lindsay Baker, Oxford

Subgroup Leader

Dr. Jens B. Bosse

Staff Scientist Cryo EM

Cornelia Cazey
Phone:+49 40 8998 87706


Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Josie Ferreira


PhD Student

Felix Johann Flomm
Phone:+49 40 8998 87708


Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Linda Franken
Phone:+49 40 8998 87709


Senior Scientist

Dr. Christoph Hagen, Deputy
Phone:+49 40 8998 87702


Team Assistant

Débora Lage
Phone:+49 40 8998 87701


Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Emily Machala

PhD Student

Søren Pfitzner
Phone:+49 40 8998 87709


PhD Student

Vojtech Prazak
Phone:+49 40 8998 87709


Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Emmanuelle Quemin
Phone:+49 40 8998 87708


HPI Tech. Platform

Dr. Rudolph Reimer, Co-Head

PhD Student

Rene Rosch
Phone:+49 40 8998 87708


PhD Student

Karin Ruban
Phone:+49 40 8998 87711


Lab manager

Julia Sandberg

Technical Assistant

Carola Schneider, HPI

Core Facility Head

Dr. Carolin Seuring
Phone:+49 40 8998 87707


Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Timothy Soh
Phone:+49 40 8998 87711


PhD Student

Sigurdur Thorkelsson
Phone:+49 40 8998 87711


Senior Scientist

Dr. Daven Vasishtan

Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Benjamin Vollmer
Phone:+49 40 8998 87709




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