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Kosinski Group

Integrative Modeling of Infection Cycles

Dr. Jan Kosinski

Group Leader

+49 40 8998 87573

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European Molecular Biology Laboratory

We investigate the structure of macromolecular complexes using integrative structural modeling based on data from techniques such as electron microscopy and crosslinking. We also study viral infection cycles to identify new infection pathways and virus-host interactions by pathway modeling and wet-lab experiments.

Research Projects

Integrative structural modeling

Integrative structural modeling allows determining the structure of large macromolecular complexes by combining experimental data from electron microscopy, crosslinking, SAXS, and other techniques. It involves representing the data as restraints, generating structural conformations that satisfy these restraints using optimization procedures, and analysing the resulting ensembles of models. We develop methods for all these stages as well as work on automated modeling pipelines (Kosinski, 2016) and graphical interfaces such as XlinkAnalyzer software. We then apply our methods to collaborative projects.

Integrative pathway modeling of viral infection cycles

During infection, pathogens undergo complex life cycles, interact with molecular systems of their hosts, and disturb and hijack host molecular machines for their own purposes. We aim at creating comprehensive multi-scale models of entire infection cycles to discover host-pathogen interactions and identify which of them are the most crucial for infection. To this end, we integrate systems biology data with structural information using novel pathway modeling methods. We then characterize the most promising interactions using bioinformatics and wet-lab experiments.

We currently focus on the infection cycle of the influenza virus. In addition to computational pathway modeling of the influenza infection cycle, we study this virus both experimentally in our own lab (Biosafety Level 2) to collect additional data and validate our computational hypotheses.

Nuclear pore complex

The nuclear pore complex (NPC) is responsible for the transport between the cytoplasm and the nucleus. It is one of the largest complexes in the cell. Recently, together with Martin Beck’s group at EMBL Heidelberg, we applied our integrative methods to build a near-atomic model of the human NPC, based on data from cryo-electron tomography and crosslinking mass spectrometry (von Appen, 2015; Kosinski, 2016). In collaboration with the Beck group, we continue working on the NPC to extend the model, understand its structure in more detail, and characterize its evolution.

Bacterial secretion systems

Many bacterial pathogens use multi-subunit secretion systems to translocate effector proteins across the cell wall into the host cell. Understanding their structure could reveal how these molecular machines work and help in development of antimicrobial therapeutics. We collaborate on two types of these systems, Type VII of Mycobacteria (T7SS, collaboration with Matthias Wilmanns) and Type III of Shigella flexner (T3SS, CSSB Seed Project with Michael Kolbe from CSSB), contributing our integrative modeling expertise.



  • Integrative structural modeling of macromolecular complexes and cellular landscapes
  • Development and application of methods for integrative modeling of infection cycles
  • Accelerating discovery of host-pathogen interactions most promising for therapeutic intervention through pathway modeling
  • Mechanisms of subversion of the nuclear pore complex by pathogens

Research Team


Group Leader

Dr. Jan Kosinski
Phone:+49 40 8998 87573


Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Lenka Cernikova
Phone:+49 40 8998 87578


PhD Student

Iuliia Kotova
Phone:+49 40 8998 87578


Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Marc Siggel
Phone:+49 40 8998 87574


Laboratory Officer

Dr. Ying Wang
Phone:+49 40 8998 87578


PhD Student

Dingquan Yu
Phone:+49 040 8998 87580


Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Daniel Ziemianowicz
Phone:+49 040 8998 87578




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