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Uetrecht Group

Dynamics of Viral Structures

Dr. Charlotte Uetrecht

Group Leader

+49 040 8998 87585

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University of Siegen

Leibniz Institute of Virology

We focus on assembly of norovirus particles and coronaviral replication complexes. The underlying structural dynamics are investigated by applying state-of-the-art structural mass spectrometry. Furthermore, we develop mass spectrometry techniques to improve the structural resolution and to enable single molecule imaging at X-ray free-electron lasers.

Research Projects


Our research is highly interdisciplinary at the interface of biology and physics further developing structural mass spectrometry (MS) to answer virological questions of high relevance to human health. This is also reflected by further affiliation of the head and several group members to DESY and European XFEL.

Being mainly interested in the structure and dynamics of viral protein complexes, the research aim is to elucidate, how these complex machineries function. We focus on the replication/transcription machinery of RNA viruses, namely coronaviruses, which often exist in many different states to mediate a diverse set of functions. Moreover, we are intrigued by viral particle assembly, where the low abundant intermediates are relevant to drug development but intrinsically hard to study. This work largely focusses on noroviruses, an important human pathogen, for which preventive treatments are still lacking. In capsid assembly, single particle-like approaches are best suited to deduce structural information.

Structural MS is becoming ever more popular as it requires low sample amounts and allows for automation, hence nicely opening up opportunities for systematic investigations of structural dynamics. We use and develop MS based techniques to achieve studying coexisting states in a time-resolved manner, following complementary routes: 1) basic structural information from structural MS; 2) solution structural models from native top-down MS; and 3) gas phase high resolution structures from X-ray free-electron lasers (XFEL). In the latter two cases, our MS based systems will allow selection to look at specific transient states and involve use of the different lightsources in Hamburg including PETRA III, FLASH I/II and the European XFEL. In terms of structural MS, we have native and hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX) MS established in the group with multiple protocols to tackle various research questions. The two methods are complementary with native MS providing information on the dynamics of quaternary assemblies and HDX MS delivering local structural information.

Research on coronaviruses has just made it back into the spotlight. As mentioned above coronaviral non-structural proteins (nsps) change structure and function dynamically during infection mediated amongst others by post-translational modifications (PTMs). In our native top-down MS approaches, we hope to correlate structure and PTMs, which is not easily possible by other means. We are expressing nsps with the aim to assemble larger complexes. Comparing bacterial to mammalian expression systems and different viral species will provide insights how PTMs alter assembly. In native MS, enzymatic activity can be directly monitored and at the same time reveal how the complexes shuttle between assembly states as has been performed on viral protease processing of regulatory polyprotein stretches.

For noroviruses, we focus on the viral capsids and how their structure is determined and altered throughout the viral lifecycle. We are currently working mainly with virus-like particles expanding on our work on partial capsid proteins, the P dimer. Thereby, we could reveal the distinct behaviour of various isolates in native and HDX MS. Using HDX MS, we can localize structural changes in the particles upon engagement of attachment factors. This way, we hope to decipher how human noroviruses enter cells and why cell culture production is so difficult. Our work on viral capsids will also largely benefit from single particle imaging at European XFEL and the developments in the EU FET OPEN project MS SPIDOC.

A comic-book take on a virus photoshoot

‘Norovirus Superstar’ gives insights into the EU-funded MS SPIDOC project and explains how European XFEL is used in biology.

© 2021 Véro Mischitz | MS SPIDOC, CC BY ND 4.0 doi:10.22003/XFEL.EU-COMIC-2021-001-EN

Download the comic from https://xfel.tind.io/record/2561


In order to gain in depth understanding of the viral lifecycle, we want to expand from in vitro assembly of protein complexes and viral particles to more holistic approaches. Therefore, we will move to intact murine and human noroviruses as well as looking at endogenous coronaviral complexes from infected cells.

Research Team


Group Leader

Dr. Charlotte Uetrecht
Phone:+49 40 8998 87585


Research Technician

Katharina Albrecht

EU Project Coordinator

Lorenza D'Alessandro

PhD Student

Lara Flacht
Phone:+49 40 8998 87558


Intern/Master Student

Luca Genz


PhD Student

Alice Grün

PhD Student

Mariam Hossainy


Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Alan Kádek

Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Thomas Kierspel

Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Knut Kölbel

PhD Student

Janine-Denise Kopicki

Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Boris Krichel

Research Technician

Jürgen Müller-Guhl

Masters Student

Sarah Nentwich

PhD Student

Ronja Pogan

PhD Student

Sänger, Lennart

PhD Student

Kira Schamoni-Kast

Masters Student

Jonas Schröder


PhD Student

Lars Thiede



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