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CSSB supports the Statement of the Dean’s Office

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CSSB supports the statment made by the MIN-Faculty Dean's Office.

The entire statment can be found below:

Non-scientific essay instead of study:
Statement of the Dean’s Office

The Dean's Office notes that in the press release published yesterday by the Universität Hamburg a paper was given the name "study" however it is not a scientific study with quality-assured content and standards. The paper has not gone through a peer review process and is therefore more appropriately described as a non-scientific paper or a statement of opinion. The "study" was distributed through the official channels of Universität Hamburg, thus giving it the appearance of   sound scientific findings that have been reached using accepted scientific methods. This alienates the MIN Dean's Office and a majority of the faculty's researchers, who distance themselves from the statements made based on circumstantial evidence. Faculty researchers continue to work diligently to identify evidence-based information and make it available with quality-assured content and standards in an understandable form.

Independent of the MIN Dean's Office, researchers of the Coronavirus Structural Task Force have written a statement, including a closer look at Prof. Wiesendanger's key statements (only available in German): https://insidecorona.net/de/stellungnahme-zu-wiesendanger-uni-hamburg-labor-in-wuhan/

German Version: