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News Kay Grünewald appointed new Scientific Director of CSSB

News Observing the secret life of molecules inside the cell

News New molecular insights into a rare neurological disorder

News Wrangling an octopus-like viral replication machine

News Key Virulence Factor of Salmonella Characterized

News Structure of a promiscuous protein will help scientists design better drugs

News Promising new antimalarial compound discovered

News Biophysics analysis made easy with an online tool

News The final step in RNA degradation: New insights into bacterial dinucleotidases

News CSSB Welcomes Charlotte Uetrecht

News Human Adenovirus: Promising Target for Treatment Identified

News New Score Assesses Protein-Protein Interfaces

News Collaborative CSSB project funded by Hamburg-X

Press Release Emerging Infections - What can we learn from COVID-19?

News Together against infectious diseases! The FZB becomes a full partner at CSSB.

News Structural biology reveals new opportunities to combat tuberculosis

News CSSB’s cryo-EM facility part of CUI funded JETFREEZING project

News Severe malaria in adults

News Reshaping the cell membrane with molecular pegs

News Structure of Type VII Secretion System Revealed

News CSSB funds flagship project PLASMOFRACTION

News DNA Origami Signposts

News CSSB Scientists Reveal High Resolution Injectisome

News CSSB and EMBL Hamburg facilities are a key member of a new pan-European consortium

News CSSB supports the Statement of the Dean’s Office

News Multivalent nanobodies block SARS-CoV-2 infection